How to Assemble a Desktop Computer at Home?

Written by | Posted on March 19th, 2018
How to Assemble a Desktop Computer at Home

There are many people who prefer to Assemble A Desktop Computer At Home rather than buying it. However, not all succeed, especially because of errors.

How to assemble a pc
The computer is broken or you just plain old. The first thing that most mortals do is to buy a new one. Then there is a small portion of people who decide to build it themselves. The advantages, as you can imagine, are numerous. You have total control of the choice of components and if you are good you can save much money. This goes especially for the desktop PC, for portable, in fact, the broad scope is very limited. But things do not always go your way, and the risk of making irreparable mistakes is always lurking. Incorrect connection, a component inserted into the slot of another and boom: pc goodbye. What to do? Pay special attention. Here are some tips.

Do not confuse the power cables
First, a very common mistake that you should avoid like the plague: to confuse the power cables. It may seem strange, but, despite having a different internal structure, many people force their connection. The computers are mainly two important power cables: one for the motherboard and the other for the graphics card. They are not equal: a look inside the connector: 8 pin fact is distributed differently. It does not need an engineer, therefore, to understand how to connect the wires correctly.

Remember to connect the graphics card
Second mistake. Connecting the graphics card. Have you assembled your new and super powerful graphics card? Can not wait to try it with the latest video games. Wait. Did you remember to connect it to the motherboard? Not enough to screw it in and connect it to the power cord. You absolutely have to insert it into the slot that allows you to connect the component to the motherboard. Once found, remove it, you make all the connections and screw it again.

Attention to small power cables
And we come to the third error when many people stumble. A mistake understandable, considering that we are talking about dozens of small power cables, among which we find that for the power button, reset, and other buttons, which must necessarily be connected to the motherboard to function. Being very small it’s hard to see if they are seated properly. What to do? Be careful and try to connect them in the right way, avoiding confuse a cable with another.

Make sure that everything is connected
We come to the fourth error. Here you have to take extra care. The risk, at best, is that the PC does not start. At worst, however, there is also the possibility that our small mistake jeopardizes some internal component. The culprits are getting them the cables. Make sure they are fully inserted and properly. Turn on the computer with an offline element runs the risk of damaging and irreversible.

Do not push the wires
Last and fifth error on which we want to draw your attention to is how to position the wires inside. Do not think that is enough to push them in and close the case of the PC. The risk, in fact, is that they fold and become damaged. Check that you have placed the parts in the right direction. The houses are designed to accommodate a high number of cables. So if you labor to put them in, there’s something wrong.