How to Create a Meta Robots Tag

Written by | Posted on March 16th, 2018
How to Create a Meta Robots Tag

Meta Robots Tag is not a robot AI as you think of or a humanoid robot that can mimic the human movements. Meta robots tag is a file on your website that tells a search engine what to follow and what not to follow.

You can use the meta robots tag to tell a search engine spider whether or not the web page it visits should be indexed or if links on that page should be followed.

Meta Robots Tag is located in the header of the HTML file document.

Her is the basic syntax of the meta robots tag.

Meta Robots Tag Basic Syntax

There is the four main directive of meta robots tag.

  1. INDEX – this is the command that tells the spider to index the page
  2. NOINDEX – this is the command that tells the spider that not to index that page
  3. FOLLOW – this is the command tells the spider to follow a link on that page
  4. NOFOLLOW – a command that tells the Google bot spider not to follow a link on that page

You can only use one of the four variations at a time. And you can also use CONTENT=“all in exchange “index, follow” or CONTENT=”none” in exchange for “noindex, nofollow”.

Enough for a short introduction lets dive in on How to Create a Meta Robots Tag.

Step 1:

Open your favorite text editor and locate the <head> tag.

HTML Meta Tags

Step 2:

Inside you head tag <head></head> type <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”> this mean that meta robots tag prevents the search engines to index the page and not following any links from that page.

Head Tag with Meta Robots Tag
Step 3:

Save it on your localhost file and upload it to your Web Hosting Server. Sit back and relax search engine are now directed not to index that page or not to follow any links on this page.

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