Basic Web Site Structure for SEO

Written by | Posted on March 12th, 2018
Basic Web Site Structure for SEO

A good Web Site design and well-optimized Web Site Structure for SEO will help to improve the overall performance of your Web site, making it for the user-friendly and easy to navigate and also for search engines to find and index all your content.

You want to balance your Web site design between the needs of your visitors and the needs of the search engines. Being a success of your blog website you should not only provide a superior user experience but also include the optimal structure so that search the engines index your content.


Site Map

A sitemap is very important to Web Site Structure for SEO this is the way and to ensure that the search engines find all of your content is by submitting a sitemap. Think of your sitemap is a blueprint of your entire website.

A sitemap is representing the inner framework and organization of your Web Site’s structure to the search engine. A sitemap should reflect all of your website’s article link and entire navigational structure so that search-engine spider can find and index all of your content.

Every time you add a new content or articles in your website you need to submit your sitemap to the search engines on a regular basis, every 24 hours or so.

Free Site Map Generator

There is a ton of free sitemap generator circulating the entire Google search but I pick the best 3 of them so that you can use it easy and hassle-free even you don’t have a programming coding experience.


All you need to do is to put your website link to be crawl all of your website link structure.


After that download your latest XML file generated by the free sitemap generator and upload it to your root website hosting provider.

Privacy and Policy

Establish trust and credibility in the eyes of your visitors and Google search engines, your website should include a privacy policy page that helps to strengthen your reputation in the eyes both of your blog website visitors and Google search engines.

By adding the privacy policy page on your website helps build trust with your visitors by explaining who you are and where you came from by providing your information.

Your website should also contain a page explaining your privacy policy that you are committed to protecting the privacy of your visitor’s personal information.

Try to keep your privacy policy simple and easy to read by the visitor’s easy to understand and can find easily on your website.

That’s it I have nothing to say happy blogging 🙂